Friday, 8 April 2011

Legs day and enjoying the pain

Hello all,

Yesterday was shoulders.
Shoulder press 3 x 10, front raises 3 x 10, negative side raises 3 x 10, Cable side Raises and everyday abs workout. Which was really good I think it really helps me to work one body part a day as I focus on that part and really can push the weights. Each day I have doms but they are manageable, still hurt.
Also did 35 mins on cross trainer, which really did make me sweat, arms felt a bit wobbley during but managed to do the 35 mins.

Today is legs, Squats 3 x 8, seated leg curl3 x 8 , adductors 3x8, abductors 3x8, standing straight leg cables kickbacks 3 x 8 , calf raises 3 x 20. lunges 3 x 20.

It will be the first time doing this workout but I am sure it will bring the desired effects and I foresee pain in the not to distant future, but kind of looking forward to that part, cant help it but I really like the DOM's lol.

Do u love leg day or hate, any tips for the next day recovery.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sun is shining & Kicking Arse In the GYM

What a lovely day out.

My cycle to work was such a pleasure found myself singing along to my music. The 11 miles in the morning really helps to wake me up.

Today is my eighth day at work, The shop in Battersea is quiet at the moment, but I know that is the calm before the storm of the busy weekend.

Training today is my back, which consists of lat pull down, T bar row, standing row, and deadlifts. I will be doing my new routine of 3 x 8 reps of each exercise.

Then to abs, which is the following Flutter kicks, 1x300, leg raises 3x12, reverse crunches 3x10 and finishing off with hanging leg raises from the Life fitness G7. I have to use a step for all the ab exercises and then use the step to reach up to hold on to the G7, the G7 is very high but love the final exercise as can really feel my abs and arms working.

I am now using Fitness First Clapham Junction, it is really busy after work, but I just go in and get done what I need to do. It did feel a bit like a club last night and the tunes really did help keep me focused and kick my own butt in the gym, dont you just love that feeling, I sure do.

The new gym has also help me get my mojo back and as it is so close to work I can train the 6 days I need to do my strength training. Each session per body part is between 30-45 minutes, but I try to lift heavier each week and get the best form possible.

What is your favorite body part to train, Where do you all train and why do you love training ?

Over to you guys