Friday, 8 April 2011

Legs day and enjoying the pain

Hello all,

Yesterday was shoulders.
Shoulder press 3 x 10, front raises 3 x 10, negative side raises 3 x 10, Cable side Raises and everyday abs workout. Which was really good I think it really helps me to work one body part a day as I focus on that part and really can push the weights. Each day I have doms but they are manageable, still hurt.
Also did 35 mins on cross trainer, which really did make me sweat, arms felt a bit wobbley during but managed to do the 35 mins.

Today is legs, Squats 3 x 8, seated leg curl3 x 8 , adductors 3x8, abductors 3x8, standing straight leg cables kickbacks 3 x 8 , calf raises 3 x 20. lunges 3 x 20.

It will be the first time doing this workout but I am sure it will bring the desired effects and I foresee pain in the not to distant future, but kind of looking forward to that part, cant help it but I really like the DOM's lol.

Do u love leg day or hate, any tips for the next day recovery.


  1. I love DOMS :-) My recovery tip is to keep moving don't sit still for too long. Also a nice little bit of self massage helps.

  2. Sadly I like DOMs, find though if I keep moving the body part worked it seems *easier* the next few days