Monday, 18 October 2010

Want to kick the last half a stone to the kerb and my new class this week

As you all know I am on the guest to find the perfect figure. What that is I dont really know but I am getting close to really liking what I see. So I have half a stone to go until my next goal and then I will look at how my figure looks and how my clothes fit and then see If I want to lose anymore. At this moment in time I am thinking if I lose this next half a stone this could be my final goal, but ladies and gents I can not say for sure.

So my plan this week is to track my food every day, this is something I have not been doing at all for the last 3-4 weeks. So I will track everyday even if I go over on the calories.

I am trying Zumba at a gym in Covent Garden on Wednesday night, I have wanted to try it for ages but never got one near me or the right time. I am very excited as it looks great fun and a brilliant new class to try. I will blog after the class and let you all know how I get on.

Also this week will be cycling Monday to Thursday to work. Each day I am finding the ride a bit better so want to make sure I bet my time a little each day. Also getting to know how to take the hills better and have more control when using the gears. I am finding the cold wind a big incentive to cycle faster. lol.

What is everyone plan this week. What is something new your doing this week.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Kat’s Adventures in Dietland: Friday Favorite--Weights Are For Girls

Kat’s Adventures in Dietland: Friday Favorite--Weights Are For Girls: "This is one of my favorite posts, and an important message I, please enjoy this Friday favorite: I love strength training. I love..."

160 miles this week on my bike. aka pinky

Hello all,

As you can see by the title I have travelled 160 miles and more on my bike.
I think I have had my bike about 3 or 4 weeks not sure. This week is the first time I have done 5 days on my bike commuting from Shirley Croydon to Charing Cross London. I am so chuffed to be able to do it. I am really enjoying riding my bike and cycling on the roads is a real eye opener so many people just dont care they cross the road regardless of the traffic and I have seen so many close calls. I still get a silly thrill about going though a red light, I must add I only do this if i know the road is clear and would not endanger myself or anyone else. Cycling has the highs and lows. my main lows is the hills, but I am learning ways to make them much easier.

I am cycling into work on Sunday and normally have plenty of time so will takes some pics of my route and put them on Sunday evening if I get a chance.

Does anyone else commute to work on a bike. Drop me a comment.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Things I like this week.

Everytime my hubby says god you look skinny. lol. :)

My bike has new wheels so much easier to ride.

My new blackberry pearl.

My new lipsy dress thats fits perfect size 10.

My new job is going well.

College on Saturday is good but intense.

New bike commute to work which is Shirley to Charing Cross and the money I save on train fare.

The extra calories I will earned on my bike.

The not worrying about calories, just eating what I like.

Chinese tonight and knowing I will burn the calories off on my bike tomorrow going to work.

Catching up on all my fav blogs. JAG, Bitchcakes, Gym Ninja, and all the other people that keep me going.

Spending evening with hubby and the kids, time now is more precious now back to work full time.

All the nice people I am meeting though work.

The new things I am learning every day.