Saturday, 31 July 2010

worst mood ever lol.

I really dont know what is wrong with me been in a foul mood for the last few days. I think everything is just getting to me.
I wanted to take the kids to see shrek yesterday but did not have the money, so I think that got to me the most, as I never let the kids down. Really was not my fault as my money did not go in.

Apart from my mood everything else is fine. I am sticking to healthy eating, I am up to date with my training. Also lost weight this week so now down to 139 pounds my lowest weight for ages.

I am hoping my bad mood will be shifted by a nice workout at the gym and a relaxing swim.

What do you all do to get out of a bad mood and what helps you.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Planning and Goals.

Well the planning I am doing is my wedding for next year. We have a date we want and hopefully the reception location is sorted so going well so far. Once I have booked things I will start posting more details. Its long way off but I want to be organized for a change.

My goals are forever changing and they really do keep me on my toes. I am looking at the moment at really reducing the size on my waist and my back. They are areas that have some fat on and I really want to lean them out more. So just going to keep on training and hopefully the areas will lean out while the rest of me does too.

Food I am not being to strict on, but a lot of things I dont have, but I am having sugar and a little fizz drinks no where near the amount I use to have. So very pleased bad habits are not all back. I am staying in my calories and have lost 1lb this week, so nice and steady.

Hope everyone is well

Say hi when you drop by xxx

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Wedding Dress - Problem

Hi All,

As most of you know I am getting married next December.

So today after I went to the dentist, I had some time before had to pick up Mia from nursery. So I went to the wedding shop to try on dresses. I look at a few dresses but as I am really short they seem to be very over powering. So pick up a shorter one just to have a look. I picked out a size 12 and when I tried it on it was to tight on the back. I have over a year to fit into the dress so not to stressed out, but still I thought surely after losing over 3 stone I would be able to fit into a size 12.

So my next goal is just to keep training and hopefully my back will lean out with some time. I have always been top heavy so maybe its something I will have to just get use to not really sure.

What do you like and dislike about your body. x

Monday, 19 July 2010

Super Skinny jeans - each step closer

I tried my super skinny jeans on today and even with bloating from totm they fitted, I had room in the waist band at the back, but the side there was muffin top, so not a good look. The jeans did up and buttoned up. What was nice the legs fitted even nicer then last time. It was about a month ago that I tried them on last and last time I could not even do the button up. So next month I will be wearing my super skinny jeans with pride.

I set myself this goal and to be 5 pounds light in a months time. I find my goals really help me stay on track. To keep me focus. The super skinny jeans are my favorite item from when I lost weight last time and I know when they fit well with no muffin top then I am at goal.So close to goal and all my hard work is paying off.

what do you all do to stay on track and what goals do you set yourself to help you keep going. What item of clothing would you love to get into again.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sunday - No calorie counting day

Have decided on Sundays I wont calorie count I will just try to be sensible. I know roughly how many calories I am having and just not stressing if I go over or under.
Sunday is my exercise rest day too, so it made sense not to calorie count too, well going to give it a go and see how it effects my weight loss each week.

I have been doing the new 7 week challenge on WLR, I have been sticking to the challenge I have set myself, so all going well. I only have 5 more of the pounds I want to lose until I get to my next goal. I am set to lose 1 pound a week for the next five weeks, so not to bad.

Time of the month is coming up so I wont weigh in tomorrow, I will do my measurements and see how I am doing from them. I know all my size 12 clothes are too big and now a 10 in most things.

I now know what I have to do to keep the weight off and to lose slowly the last few pounds.

I am looking forward to Monday as I am back to the weights, gym and my 30 day shred, sad I know I did miss working out today, but I did have fun running around with the kids.

What do you all do on your rest days and what do you miss on rest days.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Feel so rough - confession time. lol.

Hello all,

I am feeling very rough today and fell off the wagon yesterday with a big bump.

Right confession time here goes,

Alcohol - loads including shots, wine, champagne
4 wraps with the works TGI e
4 cocktails cream ones
portion of onion rings
Exercise - Dancing.

Was a great night and the bride to be loved it.

Today is a fast as I feel so rough and I thought it help detox lol. No exercise today as feel to rough. did not log any calories on wlr, and not even going to think about trying to add it up.

So from today I am well and truly back on the wagon.

How is everyone doing after map.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Gym Bunny or Gym Rat

Saw this on WLR so thought I would post it as its funny.

POLL: gym bunny or gym rat (also in Runners)
Score 5 or more to find what you are

GB: Fully made up
GR: Bit of mascara, maybe

GB: Only just breaks into a sweat
GR: Wants to die on the cross trainer

GB: Won't go to gym unless perfectly brand/colour coordinated from head to toe
GR: Would wear flipflops and a wet suit if necessary

GB: Smells lovely
GR: Smells like *****

GB: Can't pass a mirror without checking out own arse
GR: Only looks in mirror to check technique

GB: Ponytail tied high up so it flops from side to side when on the treadmill
GR: Hair matted with sweat

GB: La Senza cherry red balcony bra
GR: Industrial strength sports bra

GB: Buys designer water in a willy shaped bottle with a 'kiss' of fruit from gym machine at £1.50 a pop
GR: 3 week old 2 litre Evian bottle refilled from gym changing room tap

GB: Doesn't move on to next set until girlfriend has finished hers
GR: If I want to talk I'll go to the pub

GB: In and out in 40 mins
GR: Only goes home because staff have turned the lights off

Let me know which one you are, I am defo a rat lol

Friday, 9 July 2010

No stopping me now - New Challenge

As you all know I like a good challenge. Three really nice guys on wlr have started up a new challenge and I have jumped on the wagon today. The challenge is for 7 weeks and there are no rules, but you set your own goals.

Mine are the following and probably add extra ones for each few weeks to keep me on my toes.

Train at least twice a day with one rest day per week.
Limit treats to a small one each day only 100-150 for treat.
Try new foods,
Lose the last stone in seven weeks,
Eat as many exercise calories as I can.
Elimination diet at least 80% of the time.

Simple but effective ways for me to get rid of the last stone. I am working at it at the rate of half stone at a time, so two mini goals. The new challenge starts Monday, as I am allowing a few treats and my friends hen night tomorrow, which I think will be rather messy. LOL

Today was a good day, I have fasted from 4.30 yesterday until 3.30 today and it was the easiest fast I have done. I only gave up because was so hot to me and my daughter had a ice lolly. I had a twister and Mia had a cornetto, which we both really enjoyed. Mia had a white dress on which did not stay white for long. Her face was covered in chocolate, but they say a messy child is a happy child.

I have been relaxed this evening, had a lovely chicken and egg salad and some chocolate for afters, I can now have some chocolate and not go mad, I still have some more in the fridge and its not calling my name.

Well Sunday will be a test specially if I am hangover, but I think I be able handle it a lot better then I use too.

Have a good weekend all. :@)

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Final results

Hi all,

Final sorted out final measurements really chuffed.

Starting weight 10. 10 NOW 10.2
Bust 36 NOW 34
Under bust 32. NOW 31
Waist 32 NOW 30
Hips 36 NOW 34
Arm 10.5 NOW 9.5
Top of leg 21.5 NOW 20.5
Calf 12 NOW 11.

Total loss of weight 8lbs and of 13 inches lost, how good is that in 30 days.

So happy and now a size 10 in most shops. whoop whoop.

Still no sign of camera, but will post pictures tomorrow. I have a couple of tortilla wraps as not had them in ages, as it was only two did not get bloated and I feel fine, they do not taste as good as I remember before so they will be a treat now and again, not something I will have in my normal diet.

I am doing a fast from 4.30 today, just to give my weight loss a boost and not doing a heavy workout so wont need to refuel. Have today had a nice swim and a dvd, felt very weird not doing any dax exercises and I kind of miss them, so looking forward to next week when I can do meltdown and dumbbell matrix as they are my faves.

How is everyone else getting on.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Day 30 - The final day.

Cant believe it is the final day. I am going to do my final measurements and weight tomorrow as I am bloated today after dinner late last night.

I want to say well done to everyone who did the 30 Days MAP. Cant believe workout for 30 days straight and at least 3 to 4 times minimum. I know I have really enjoyed it.

I am going to have a rest day tomorrow as I am getting my hair done so I wont get to the gym, but I am sure I will do a couple of circuits or a dvd as it has come apart of my day now and I really do get a good buzz when I work out.

I am going to stick to the elimination diet but going to do it for 90% of the time with a few treats but not to many as I know sugar goes straight to my stomach.

Will update later. Have to go now.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Day 28 MAP - Fast nearly done

Day 29 of MAP and I have nearly completed the fast, the hardest part is the last couple of hours.

Have started to get really hungry, have a nice low carbs meal of stuff peppers and salad. Also some cashew nuts for after.

Hope all my fellow mapper are getting on well too.

Last day tomorrow, but wont be stopping, just fitting the elimination diet to my life style.

Will introduce a new food but not sure which one yet. will have a think about it. What is everyone introducing first. What have you all missed the most.

Day 28 MAP - Two days to go - Going to have a fast day.

Morning all,

For the first time in 28 days I am feeling very blotted and feel like I have eaten to much, even sticking to elimination diet, but maybe just to much food, so from 8-9 o clock last night I am going to fast. I think this will be my 3 or maybe 4 time of fasting so going to give it ago.

If anyone has any tips or advice on fasting please let me know, I know it is not normally to hard once you loaded up on carbs the day before.

I know before I just had to keep myself busy and Monday is always a busy day, I am going to drink plenty of water and get some new herbal teas to try out. Then tonight will have a low carb meal.

Today I have done power circuit and I got up to 70 of each set and then 40 of the last set I was so chuffed. I did feel like I had a power serge after my legs were shaking.

Back to the gym today so going to do body weights and dumbbell matrix I always seem to do them together and then a nice run on the treadmill.

Once map is finished I am going to have one rest day and then try to fit in all the workouts the rest of the days and maybe find some different forms of exercise and just shake it up a bit.

Today looks like another lovely day so happy Monday all.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Race for life - For my grandmum.

Hi all,

I am doing my 1st 10k for about 3 years, I am doing the race for life to honor my lovely nan who I use to call Grandmum, as she was like a mum to me.

She has been gone 10years this year and not a day goes passed that i dont wish I could phone her up and tell her the latest gossip or just to say hi.

If any one would like to sponsor me that would be really lovely.


Thank you so much

Chrissy xxx

MAP DAY 25-26-27 - The end is in sight, but already found my next challenge.

Hi all,

The end of MAP is in sight, only 3 more days to go, But are we all going to stop or continue.

Well top I was looking though my wardrobe and found my old skinny jeans that I use to wear when I lost loads of weight after I had my son, they are a 8-10 and a 28 inch waist. I tried them on and they fit but I have horrible muffin top, they fitted nice on my bum and legs. So they are my next challenge to get into in the next 2-3 months.

My plan of action is to do elimination diet 90% of the time and to continue with the exercises at least 3 times a day and if I have time 4 times a day, but not going to worry to much if I cant fit all 4 in.

Since doing MAP I can now see my before kids body and my proper curves and shape my body sound be, I do not want to be skinny, or skinny fat I just want a nice lean shape. I am not bothered about scales anymore and I can happily jump on and off every day and it no longer effects my mood, as long as I see a small downward tread I am fine.

I keep myself in check with my tape measure and that shows me a more healthy progress.

So here is to the last few days of MAP and beyond.

I will post final pictures from MAP, when I dig out my camera and also measurements on Tuesday.

To all my fellow MAPPERs please let me know how you get on.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

MAP DAY 23-24 only 6 days left

Hope everyone is well.

Elimination diet still going strong, loving the food, loads of salads due to the hot weather. My hubby tried a salad I made the other day and he said was best salad he had ever had. I have cut down on nuts and seeds, as they are high in calories, so i am finding my calories go alot further now.

Yesterday all exercise session were done and I got a lot of praised from a few people at the gym who have been watching me. One lovely lady said she was speaking to her sister about me and how well i have done with losing weight and getting lean. I was so chuffed. She asked me for some tips and she said she had be doing all the exercises and getting no results, I just said I thought her weight looked far to easy and told her dax 2 part sit ups which she really struggled with so just showed her how to improve her form. She was also doing cardio before weil ghts, so I said to do hiits after she had done her weights. She was really gratefull and said I would catch up with her soon when next in gym to see how she getting on.

Today I have done all exercises apart from ICP. Which I am getting really quick at apart from the russian twists, every time I do a twist I hear my back clicking, not sure why.

Have a good day all. xx