Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Day 21-22 - OMG 8 days to go

Hello all,

Wow 8 days to go on MAP, how is everyone going. I have been doing the elimination diet and not carb cycling or fasting but I have so much energy and going to keep on with elimination diet after but maybe a couple of treats. Really is the best food plan around.

Have been doing great with all the exercises and my form is so much better, I am also more stronger so the 3kg weights I started with are now 5 and 6kg. So much stronger in the 22 days, so really pleased with the results. The exercises are hard and Dax really does know how to push us, but thats what I signed up for and it feels good to work hard and the body really does adapt well to all the changes and challenges.

I have not lost any inches or weight this week, but I have not gained any weigh, due to the hot weather I normal put on weight due to water retention so no gain is good, also been drinking loads of water to stop the retention. So I am expecting a loss next week, fingers crossed.

Another change I have noticed is my skin is so much clearer, I also got a cold sore recently but it cleared up with in 3 to 4 days which is really good as in the past I could have cold sore for nearly and week or two.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Day 18 - 20 - Mojo is back it was hiding in the gym lol.

Hi ya all,

Mojo was hiding in the gym, got it back well and truly.

Food has not been as good, but just going to work on sticking to Elimination Diet each day, not sure about the fast with all the training. Low carbs do not really suit me, but I know how to portion control my carbs and I know I dont go over board, so that is good.

Today I have done my cardio, also done dumbbell matrix 3 rounds and power circuit, my order is all messed I am getting the workout session in. Body weights in the new set and for once I am struggling but getting the form better each time. Body weights is the new killer, which melt
down was and now I really like meltdown. So soon be saying the same about body weights too.

Today I had a lovely 30 minutes swim and I was very pleased as my speed is getting better and my form is really good on my front crawl. Must be all the training every day, cant believe I have trained every day for 20 days. I feel that I no longer need rest days as my body has adapted so well to the four session each day.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Day 17-Day18 - MAP - where has my mojo gone

Hi All,

Day 17 done and dusted, all exercises done and 30 day shred, could really feel the burn on all session.

Food was good, was carbs but not to high carbs did not go over bored.

Today is a really struggle still not done any exercise and I really dont want too, I dont know why I normal love doing all the exercises but today its the last thing I want to do.

I will do them later and if i can get to the gym quickly today for a run on treadmill, I wonder if my mojo is waiting at the gym for me.

Last time i had food was last night about 9ish and then today without thinking had a banana did not realise it was fast starting today, so will cut food down today and do the fast next time.

Dont really like fasting but will give it a shot next time, need to prepare myself properly and read up on the benefits.

Today is new exercises today and will report on them tomorrow.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Day 16 - listening to my body and I will not binge. :()

Still going well,

Exercise is fab, getting better and stronger,looking forward to the change again on Friday

Food not liking the food, going to go back on normal elimination diet, wave just does not suit me, I am so close to having a binge and I really dont want too. Need to find the happy medium and that is elimination diet for me.

I know we should be doing the wave but if it causes me to binge then its no worth it, really is not, I have been losing weight since January so I really have learnt what my body needs.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Day 15 - Half way there

Here are my new measurements

Starting weight 10. 10 - have not done weigh yet.
Bust 35.5 - 35 - so minus half inch
Under bust 31.5 - 31 - minus half a inch
Waist 31.5 - 31 minus half a inch
Hips 35.5 - 35. minus half a inch
Arm 10 - 10 - stayed the same
Top of leg 21 - 20.5 - minus half a inch
Calf 11.5 - 11 minus half a inch

6 inches in total counting both side, so total of 13.5 inches in two weeks.

All my training and hard work is paying off, really pleased.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Pyramid - I beat my time, whoop whoop

Hi ya all,

Just really quick message,

Just did the pyramid in 12. 53, my last time was 13.30 so well chuffed.

I spank my time every time and I love it. lol. Circuit training is defo my thing, I much prefer it to the gym and running. After I have done the 30 day MAP, I am going to find new circuit training I can do.

Also done today, 45 mins walk with hubby, 30 day shred level 2, going to do the meltdown in a bit.

If anyone knows of any good circuit training dvds i would really like to know about them.

Also measurements tomorrow cant wait. xx

Day 14 of MAP. - Its Sunday. Fathers Day

Food was really good yesterday and no probs with ED or the wave. Making sure dont pick to much on nuts and seeds. So having things like carrot sticks and celery instead.

Today is carb day, which is nice to have my porridge for breakfast, really do miss it, because its the one breakfast that really fills me up until lunch time. When I have eats normally have to have a snack about 11ish.

Today up a bit later, nice to have a lay in. So will be exercising later, yesterday I did my last workout at 9.30 just before bed and I slept like a log, lol.

Today work out are 30 day shred, POWER Circuit - Pyramid - Meltdown, so not a bad day at all. Fitting in the exercises every two hours or so is not a problem. I now have no soreness just bruised knees really need a floor map.

Hope everyone is doing well, have a good weekend.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Day 13 - I have been numbering my days wrong lol

So today is day 13 and nearly half way there.

Feeling good today, yesterday was a tough day but done now, so draw a line under it and on with today.

Todays exercise is

Meltdown - ICP - DB Matrix followed by 30 day shred, as no time to go to the gym.

Will go outside for a run tomorrow if the weather is nice.

I have started a new job yesterday and I am doing the training of the sales position, so finding time to fit in the exercises is a new challenge, but really nice being busy. Also less time to pick. As i some time do that when I am bored.

Have a good day all

Friday, 18 June 2010

Day 11 - One tough day.

Time of the month, and no pains, but doing exercises have been really hard. I have done 30 day shred, Dumbbell matrix and powercircuit, still to do pyramid if my poor tummy lets me.

Food as been fine, but had some fruit for the sugar cravings. Have had really bad craving think down to totm and hormones got of balance.

Not a bad day really just be glad when bed time, as I get really tired this time of month.

Hope all is well.


Thursday, 17 June 2010

Day 10 - Friday feeling oops its Thursday

Morning people,

Was up early today and did the Pyramid, OMG I spanked my time from last time. time was 14.30 I think something like that and today was 13.30, so pleased. I am pushing myself so much really to the limit my body can go.

Yesterday was another good day, it was a carb day, so i had porridge for breakfast with strawberries and coconut. Then lunch was a chicken salad, banana for snack and then dinner was yummy stuff pepper with haddock and a couple of new potatoes. So really good food day, was very stuff last night and had a bit of a tummy ache, so glad to be back on low carbs today.

The wave is a great way of carb cycling, you do three days low carb and then one day full loaded carbs, as long as you stick to the elimination diet. I am finding the wave much better the second time around, when I did it before I really struggled with energy levels this time it has not been a problem, I do eat loads more nuts on carb days.

Yesterday done all the exercises, Meltdown, ICP, power circuit, also did imt and dumbbell matrix follow by a 20 minute run one minute really fast and one minute slow. I nearly did not do the ICP as my legs were really sore, but did not let them beat me, I hate giving up. So I did three rounds and beat my time per set and last one was 2.20, which is 8 seconds off my original time.

My legs are much better and I am full of energy, so in a bit I will be doing the 30 day shred as my free exercise.

Then later, meltdown and ICP. I think meltdown is my favorite out of all the exercise session, as it is really fast pace. lol.

Have a good day all.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Day 10 of Map still going strong -

Well just finished the lovely MD and sweated as much as ever.

Today plan for fitness is Meltdown follow by power circuit which is like a fast pace yoga and then ICP which is a circuit base training. On the last plan Dax gave us it said training for days 7-11. So tomorrow will be another change in exercise to get the metabolism going even more and to stop the body getting use to the exercises. I am still enjoying the exercises but finding I get a lot of pain in the evening in my arms and shoulders. Thank god this pain is gone in the morning and I am up before my alarm ready to go. I am shocked how much energy i have got and how all the four session seem to fall in to plan each day. As it is only 15-20 minutes max it does not seem a chore, I am even exercising late and in the evenings which I normally struggle with.

Food is fine no problems, I got a large selection of chicken in tescos as it was only £3.00 what a bargain. I had lovely chicken with a few spices and a whole pepper stuffed with aubergine, onion and mushroom which was fried in butter was delicious.I am looking forward to some porridge today and a little potato with dinner, as it is the carb day today. I have found carb cycling fine but a little challenging thinking about what to eat. Any fellow MAPPER any tips or recipes would be great, drop me a comment too.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Day 9 of MAP - I have lost 3lbs this week.

Was so chuffed yesterday and was feeling lighter so I decided to weigh in at the gym, I am so pleased to have lost 3lbs bringing my weight down to 10.7, I am 5 pounds away from my first target i have set myself. I have been stuck at 10.10 for a couple of weeks so nice to see the scales changing.

I posted yesterday on WLR about my loss and added a new picture and received some lovely comments which made my day too. So nice to receive compliments because I feel I am my hardest judge. Always finding things you want to change rather then looking at how well you have done so far.

So thank you all to help me step back and see the progress I have made, I am even more motivated to get to my next target of 9.2, I can even picture myself and see how good I would feel.

But my biggest WHY is I am doing it for me and I think that is the most important thing dont do it
for anyone else, not children, partner, family, friends, or special occasion, if you want it 100% percent for you then there is only you stopping you reaching your goal.

Have a good day all. Hope everyone is doing well. x

Monday, 14 June 2010

Day 8 of MAP - Well chuffed with new measurements

Its Monday, feeling good today, yesterday was day 1 of carb cycling, but because done it before I noticed was not to bad. Exercises all went to plan and really enjoyed the new pyramid, so hope to beat my time today.

New measurements after week 1

Starting weight 10. 10 - have not done weigh yet.
Bust 36 - 35.5 so minus half inch
Under bust 32. - 31.5 - minus half a inch
Waist 32 - 31.5 minus half a inch
Hips 36 - 35.5 minus half a inch
Arm 10.5 - 10 - minus half a inch
Top of leg 21.5 - 21 - minus half a inch
Calf 12 - 11.5 minus half a inch

So a total of 3.5 half inches after one week.

Really pleased as this is one side, so if I count both be 7 inches. My stomach is flatter and all my muscles feel tighter and I feel nice an lean.

Check the guys at Dax out.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Day 7 of MAP Plan - with Dax I survived the bbq

Hello all its Sunday

Day 7 of the MAP Plan at Dax Moy, I survived the bbq and think only thing that was not Dax friendly was one cocktail I had and a little potato salad, I am not going to worry as I am up bright and early back on plan.

I have just tried the new exercise Dax has introduced and not a bad time 17.30 minutes, in the instructions it said don't go over 20 minutes, so not a bad first attempt.

I leave about 2 hours between sessions as I feel I get the maximum benefit.

I felt really good yesterday and hubby took some full size pics of me and I must say I am starting to get a nice shape in clothes would like my waist to nip in a bit more as i do look straight up and down, but a nice belt can sort that out some times. At least I did not cry or get upset when looking at the pictures like I normally do.

I am sure Dax workouts will have me in tip top condition one I done the 30 days. Is anyone on the plan thinking about once they have completed the plan, or is that just me.

Have a good day all, pop by say hello.

If you have a good joke or poem please add it as comment and the best one will be posted Monday and a little prize could be yours. :)

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Day 6 of MAP Plan - rest for the wicked with Dax http://www.londonpersonaltrainingstudio.com/

Morning all,

MD done this morning and it was not so bad. Today I was up even earlier and my first session of MD was completed by 6.20, and I was not dying, so that is such an improvement to day 1 one Monday.

So now I have three more session to get done by 2-3pm this afternoon as we are going to a bbq at a friends for England world cup game, come on England. I have plan ahead and my hubby is doing a lovely special rice, which taste awesome and is completely elimination friendly. There will be alcohol and I have a plans in action for that too.

Yesterday I got all 4 session in for the fitness and i also did a extra set for personal circuit so today i will add a 5 round to the circuit. Which is big progress here as Day 1 only did the assessement and 1 round.

As i said before all the exercises are challenging but it nice to focus on fitting them all in and getting them right rather then worry about what to eat next.

Food is great no problems, I am eating super clean and elimination friendly. If you have any question on the diet feel free to ask.

Only thing I am getting bored of water, so any ideas would be great and I must go out and get some herbal teas, as I know they do the trick.

Have a good weekend all and everyone on MAP have a great day 6 :)

Friday, 11 June 2010

Day 5 of MAP Plan with Dax http://www.londonpersonaltrainingstudio.com/

OMG up when my alarm went off, no moaning was tired was straight up and done the killer
MD, but today it did not kill and I was able to count all the rep and control breathing, I think I did two extra sets to each round, so that means about 50 extra reps, on my I am so much fitter since Monday, In 5 days that make me feel awesome.

I had a sneaky pic at measurements and it is saying half an inch off, but will post my measurements on Monday. I am so excited about this plan, I have so much energy, and really does make you feel great. I am a lot warm to, I think that must be the fat burning.

I have had some lovely comments on my blog and would like to say thank you. Even the main man Dax has commented I know how busy he is so, thank you Dax.

Food is great no problems, have noticed my fat content is high, but as it is all clean I am not bothered. My lovely hubby tony had a cake yesterday and it really did not bother me at all.
So that is big progress too.

Have a great day people. Drop by and say Hi and hope you all have a great Friday.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

The beginning of DAY 4 Map & yesterday http://www.londonpersonaltrainingstudio.com/

Well yesterday when really well, managed to get in all the exercise, which at the time very challenging and then a little after starting to ache between sets,so each session does get harder.
Working out 4 times a day is stopping me thinking about food so much, instead thinking about how will I cope with next lot of exercise, so my mind is very active.

Food was fine no problems, but at home and when i am in control of the food I am fine, I know what I can and cant have and I know how much better I feel on a clean diet.

Its when I am not in control, we are going to a bbq on saturday, where there will be loads of food and alcohol, so that will be a challenge, I am making sure i have a large bottle of water and some slice lemon and limes to drink and taking plenty of chicken and a large mixed salad and my normal snack of seeds and nuts.

I have been calorie counting while I am on the plan and find I am no where near to eating my whole daily allowance, which is good even with all the nuts. Is anyone else calorie counting or just sticking to elimination diet.

Today is day 4, woke up very achy could feel every muscle in my body and thought I would give Dax warm up a go, it is brillant and got all the knots out too, pure bliss.

Next I did killer MD and omg I so sweat so much was like a tap, Next session I am going to do my 30 day shred, which be a nice change from the gym.

Have a good day people, say hi if your passing and please check out Dax Moy brilliant gym I can really say it has helped me so much and the guys there can really help you.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Start Measurements. - MAP Plan

Starting weight 10. 10
Bust 36
Under bust 32.
Waist 32
Hips 36
Arm 10.5
Top of leg 21.5
Calf 12

Hope to see a big improvement on my hips and waist in the next 30 days.

Happy with my arms and legs but a little more lean would be great.

Whats your favorite part of the body and your least favorite part.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Day 1 & 2 of MAP Plan with Dax

I am so enjoying it, the food is lovely, so use to the diet of the Elimination now, so just feel like normal eating, already feel less tired and blotted. Also my stomach is flatter after the weekend I had its a bonus. The weekend was all drinking and junk food so nice to be back to normal.

I must say the the 4 workout session are a killer and trying to find the right balance of time in between too I think will be the key.

As I only have to do 4 session of 15-20 minutes are thought be easy, but the rest inbetween the sessions means it is not easy. I when mad on the treadmill for 15-18 mins at speed 8.30 and then I was really feeling it two hours later when I did the meltdown. We have to exercise every day for 30 days so that will be intense too.

I love exercise so on a roll, wish me luck for my circuit training later.

Have a good day people. To my follow buddy on MAP may the force be with you.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

I have a place On the new MAP Plan

I know I have said it before but I am so excited, doing the elimination diet have been doing it for 3 days now, this is my round two.

I did have a little mouthfull of trifle but apart from that i have been totally clean eating.
I have been taking my supplements which include Calcium and Magenasem and Zinc which have help me loads with mood swings and energy levels and recovery time when exercising.

I am really pleased as a few ladies on Weight Loss resources are also doing the diet, so I have people to help with support.

Want to wish everyone on the Dax Site who are taking part good luck.

Off to do the power circuit and the killer meltdown.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

OMG - Bikini pictures on.

Well Dax pictures are on, so good to go.

So excited I have done 3 posts, lol.

I am nervous, but for the challenge and I love a good challenge.

How far would you go for the perfect figure. Would you jump though hoops and show your pictures in all there glory.

Share your thoughts with me, how far would you really go.

london personal trainer' to my website at
http://www.londonpersonaltrainingstudio.com or

More pics for the new challenge


New pictures for the Dax Moy Challenge June 2010

Hope to see a big difference and 20 pounds lighter after.

'london personal trainer' to my website at http://www.londonpersonaltrainingstudio.com or


Before and After Pics.



've just signed up for London Personal Trainer Dax Moy's 30 day M.A.P fatloss challenge and I'll be keeping a day by day, blow by blow account of the whole thing"

I have just signed up for the plan and so can not wait.

150 million percent excited, I just hope I get picked,

I will give my all to lose the last 20lbs and get my body to look the best it will possible ever had in my life.

I will do daily updates and will be no holds barred. What I go though, you can follow me too.

http://www.londonpersonaltrainingstudio.com or http://www.mylondonpersonaltrainer.com


You must check it out and maybe it could be you.