Thursday, 16 September 2010

New job and missing training. xx

Hi all,

Not blogged in a while just didnt really have much to say. Loads happening but did not really feel like writing weird eh, do any of you all feel like that.

Well loads has been happening. finally after being out of work for over a year or so, I now have a new job. Based in charing cross in a fitness and nutrition shop. I am the only girl and its pretty cool. I have not found out If I can mention them on my blog but once I have checked I will let you all know. All the guys are really nice, the shop has great potential and just think it was lacked a females touch. I am enjoying leave about all the nutrition and all the guys are happy to share their knowledge. There is so much to learn which is good too.

This week I am more focused on the job and having the energy to be on my feet for 8 hours straight which is a long day, but I am sure I will get use to it soon enough. My diet has been pretty good and I am sticking with in the calories. I have been doing my exerrcise as much I would like to but I have had a few swims, weights, and gym, challenge will be fitting it all in and getting in to a routine.

This month I have lost 2lbs which is not bad going, averaging at half a pound a week, which I am set to lose with WLR, so happy with that. I have upped my lose to pound a week from this week and will weigh in tomorrow, so fingers crossed.

Also this week I am back getting my graze boxes again loving the yummy treats, have tried washbi peas which I never thought I would like and they are really tasty. I even tried sushi and I never thought I would like that either but it is so yummy cant wait to have it again.

If any one is still reading say Hi, be nice to hear from you. How are you all.

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