Sunday, 29 August 2010

~~The 3 f's Food, Friends, Fitness~~~

Ok well today I am feeling very tired, had a great night last night and had a few drinks with my friend T. I also had pizza and a packet of crisps. The food was had by me and T when we came home from the club. We had a real laugh while getting ready for a our night out and then we went on to a club. The club was good and was nice to do a bit of dancing. I had such a good time, did not even worry if I was to drunk or if my dancing was rubbish. I must admit this is a nice bit about getting older all your doubts go and you no longer worry about what other people think, you just have a good time. Me and T have been friends a long time, we don't see each other often as life gets in the way, but T is one of my best friends and always will.
As I mentioned earlier we consumed pizza and crisps when we got home, I did not worry about the calories as I know its fine to let go some times and we did dance most of the night. I did not worry about calorie counting as I am starting to relax a little about calorie counting as some days I am more hungry then others and the calories normally end up balancing out at the end of the week. I also know that some bad food choices does not undo all my hard work.
This week I have not been to the gym as much as I would really like to, but I have been working out at home using my 30 day shred dvd and done all 3 levels for 3 days in a row. I remember when I first got the dvd I could hardly manage level 1 and now I can do all the levels with 2.5kg weights I am also able to keep up with the advance girl in the dvds and have a new love for rock star jumps, which really get the heart rate going. If you are looking for a workout dvd to really kick you into shape, I would say 150% get this dvd. I really think it has help me shape up and get lean, also makes you strong with all the press ups. I can now do full sit ups rocky style, I love the site up likes this and you can really feel you back and legs working.

What dvds do you love and what new exercises are you going to do this week???

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  1. Just come accross your blog, looking forward to reading more :-)