Saturday, 27 November 2010

Nerves and Compliments taking it all on the chin. :)

Morning all, I have my next exam today, this is the final Anatomy & Physiology, last time was the mock. The mock went ok, but this time I am feeling much more confident. I have done the revision and I had some great help from Kit at work, he has been the only person who has been able to explain it to me and made sense. So a big thanks to KIT. I am sure it any questions come up about the heart I will have no problem. I am still nervous about today, but I think that is normal.
How do you all cope with Exams, any tips for me.

Another thing I wanted to say about is support. I have just been reading Jo's blog this morning and she spoke about support., if you have not been able to read Jo’s blog please do.
Jo is a great writer and has inspired me so much. So much so I have lost nearly 4 stone. I started reading her blog since January this year and have read every post ever since.
Going back to the idea of support.
Who is your biggest supporter. I would say mine is my Hubby Tony. Since being with Tony he has given me the confidence to do anything, if I wanted to climb a mountain he be able to get me to do it. He has supported me every single day and if there is anything I need to talk about or discuss I go straight to him before anyone else. I have always been confident, but did not really believe in myself, but now I feel I can take on the world lol. That’s what the love of a great guy can do. So thank you hubby for being there for me every day over two years.
He does not always say the right thing and we constantly take the mickey out of each other, but its the amount of support I get that I know that I will not get from anyone else.
Boy when he does give me a compliment I lap it up, rather than beating away the compliment, So If your man or a friend give you a compliment take it and accept it with pride, because you know what they really mean it.

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