Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Quick catch up and whats to come.

I hope you are all well, sorry I have not been about just life is so busy, I have my full time work, college for my gym instructors course, cycling, kids and hubby, not always in that order but all these things gets in the way of getting on the laptop.

I am back bloggers, but full of cold,I think I have been over doing it and have been cycling in the freezing cold, rather then getting the train. The worst part is hot and cold feeling.

I am feeling sorry for myself today watching day time tv which really is rubbish.

I have done some online browsing looking at new bikes I would like to get. My tank is great but it is to far to heavy for the amount of miles I have to do per day,so it would be nice to get something a bit lighter, any advice would be nice. If you have a bike what do you ride and why.

Today I have received my forms from Dolly today, I am going to start filling out the forms as soon as I am feeling a little better. I am hoping that will be tomorrow as I would like to get the ball rolling. As soon as I start my new training I am sure my Mojo will come back too. Also be nice to get back to a better diet and I really miss doing weights. Will keep you posted on the MOJO, as soon as it returns you will all be the first to know.

Today for the rest of the day will be spent resting so I am nice and healthy to get back to work tomorrow. Also today I will be revising for my Anatomy and Phys Exam on Saturday I have a good feeling about the exam, as I have been studying hard. Also with a days rest there is plenty of time for reading and revising.

So have a good week all and what is keeping you busy.


  1. Great to see you're still around :-) The nasties have been around and I was affected by sinus a fatigue on and off for 2 weeks so rest up and catch the train once in a while.


    ps what are the forms from Dolly for??

  2. I will do Lara,

    Forms from Dolly will be revealed very soon.

    Chrissy xx