Friday, 30 December 2011

Guess who is back

Hello again just found a post I wrote yesterday and thought I lost it when my tablet crashed.

So here it is abit of what has been happening to me in 2011, since I posted last in April.

I am working as a gym instructor and hope to train as a personal trainer in 2012 so watch this space. Training is going well and I even have a coach. Also I have had some great session witha few of the personal trainings at Soho Gyms. I am currently learning to box which is great fun and awesome for upper body and which makes me sweat so much and my heart rate feel like its gone though the roft.

I am still loving weight training and body building and my biggest passion is lifting heavy, I get such a buzz out of weight training and learning new ways to develope the different body parts.
Food is going well back to my diet in the new year, i don't really call it a diet just a healty eating plan.

This year i married the love of my life tony was a lovely day and my dream dress fitted perfectly I rea;;y did feel like a princess. Our ceremony was beautiful and fell even more in love while I was saying my vows, yes I know sounds corny but its so true.

We had a lovely reception with our friends and family and could not have hoped for a better day

I am currently thinking of my news years resolutions and that will be my next blog post.
 Have you all got yours.

One last thing to finish on my new personal best on leg press 180kg for 12 reps felt like dancing in the gym.

Take care all x mwah x

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