Thursday, 13 May 2010

Final day at Dax studio gym.

I am so chuffed have lost 27 inches off my body in the six weeks. 8lbs down also

I was upset yesterday after going to the gym and being told the gym scales have been broken I had thought they might have been but thought the gym would not have them out.

So I went back to my history on my WII Fit programme and have used that for my final results. Also on Tuesday the gym scales showed the same weight was the WII Fit.

The gym scales showed me a lot lighter but with the meltdown it is all down to the measurements.

I am going to continue on the programme and maybe do 90/10. Also if I carry on the way I am going I could be down another dress size. I am now a 10 and when started was a 12, so looking forward to creeping down to a 8.

For everyone just starting go for it. Give it 100% you will not regret it.

As Daz says be prepare for big things.

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