Thursday, 20 May 2010

Having a break when it comes to food.

Worrying about what I should be eating or what I should not be eating.

I have just done 6 weeks at Dax gym and it was fantastic, enjoyed all the sessions and all the exercises.

But I have come to the point I just want to enjoy food and not worry, and just to eat what i want and not worry. I have learnt loads. I know if I have sugar I crave sugar, but now I know I can deal with it. I know I am no longer hooked on coffee and diet coke. I now know dairy does not agree with my skin.

So for a little while I am going to chill out about food. I am going to keep on with my fitness and love it so that wont change.

I have not reached my goal yet but I know I am a lot closer to looking the way I want to.

Here is to chilling and I how have my biggest Why and I know that will keep me going.

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