Saturday, 29 May 2010

OMG size 10 bikini fits

Elimination diet and beyond. I know I had lost a lot of inches. When I went swimming yesterday I could really feel how big my size 12 bikini top and size 14 bikini bottoms. I thought I would see how tight my size 10 bikini would feel to see if I should buy a 12 for now, but my size 10 fit not perfect on the tummy, really fitted well on the top,

I am just so chuffed, in January I was struggling to fit into a 14 and now I am a 10. If you are just starting out on the elimination diet go for it. It has really helped me change my body shape.

All I need to do now is keep on eating clean and keep going with my training and I should be able to tone my stomach in no time. It is my problem area real shame I cant spot train.

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