Tuesday, 10 August 2010

~~~School holidays, kids, size 8 dress, plan ahead. ~~~~

Well the last few weeks have not been so good food wise. I have pin pointed it down to the fact, one I dont get enough me time for getting to the gym and two I have been inundated with children. The last two weeks I have had my hubbies two boys, which has been very challenging. Today I have picked my son up from his dads, my son is staying for 3 weeks. With the school holidays in full swing it has been a lot of food on the go. I know this food is no good but not wanting to do a full shop with the kids it has been the food of choice for the time being.

Also last week was my hubbies birthday so we had a few lunches out and a family meal .I am still in control of what I eat and it has not been to over the top, but it has not been very clean or elimination friendly.

Even though the food has not been so good, I have not put on any weight and I also was able to buy size 8 dresses, the dresses where in stretchy material but they fitted lovely and so nice to try on a ten and then the 10 being to big and having to get the size down which was a 8. So a very happy lovely I was indeed, I did a little cheer and my daughter was a little shocked bless her, we even did a little dance.

Exercise is good I just need to plan better. I did a abs class last night and a swim, so when I have the time and childcare its not a problem going.

So now I am thinking about going on maintenance for a few weeks, just while the kids are on the school holidays and then when my little daughter is back at nursery to get back on the diet wagon.

Also my plan is to eat maintenance calories but not to eat my exercise calories, what do you lovely people think, do you some times give your self a break about the diet and exercise.

I know it be adding more time while getting to my final goal, but really do think it will help me more in the long run.

How are you all getting on, All help and advice would be great.


  1. I think that's absolutely a great idea. Going onto maintenance for a while will keep your weight steady and give you a bit more leeway. Plus good for your metabolism to up the calories for a little while. Enjoy! Beth x

  2. I think you are being very sensible about it - but remember that maintenance doesn't give you licence to let go - especially after getting in to a size 8! That's just fabulous - well done you. Give yourself a break - running round after the children sounds like a tough workout anyway!