Monday, 18 October 2010

Want to kick the last half a stone to the kerb and my new class this week

As you all know I am on the guest to find the perfect figure. What that is I dont really know but I am getting close to really liking what I see. So I have half a stone to go until my next goal and then I will look at how my figure looks and how my clothes fit and then see If I want to lose anymore. At this moment in time I am thinking if I lose this next half a stone this could be my final goal, but ladies and gents I can not say for sure.

So my plan this week is to track my food every day, this is something I have not been doing at all for the last 3-4 weeks. So I will track everyday even if I go over on the calories.

I am trying Zumba at a gym in Covent Garden on Wednesday night, I have wanted to try it for ages but never got one near me or the right time. I am very excited as it looks great fun and a brilliant new class to try. I will blog after the class and let you all know how I get on.

Also this week will be cycling Monday to Thursday to work. Each day I am finding the ride a bit better so want to make sure I bet my time a little each day. Also getting to know how to take the hills better and have more control when using the gears. I am finding the cold wind a big incentive to cycle faster. lol.

What is everyone plan this week. What is something new your doing this week.

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