Friday, 15 October 2010

160 miles this week on my bike. aka pinky

Hello all,

As you can see by the title I have travelled 160 miles and more on my bike.
I think I have had my bike about 3 or 4 weeks not sure. This week is the first time I have done 5 days on my bike commuting from Shirley Croydon to Charing Cross London. I am so chuffed to be able to do it. I am really enjoying riding my bike and cycling on the roads is a real eye opener so many people just dont care they cross the road regardless of the traffic and I have seen so many close calls. I still get a silly thrill about going though a red light, I must add I only do this if i know the road is clear and would not endanger myself or anyone else. Cycling has the highs and lows. my main lows is the hills, but I am learning ways to make them much easier.

I am cycling into work on Sunday and normally have plenty of time so will takes some pics of my route and put them on Sunday evening if I get a chance.

Does anyone else commute to work on a bike. Drop me a comment.

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