Saturday, 2 October 2010

Things I like this week.

Everytime my hubby says god you look skinny. lol. :)

My bike has new wheels so much easier to ride.

My new blackberry pearl.

My new lipsy dress thats fits perfect size 10.

My new job is going well.

College on Saturday is good but intense.

New bike commute to work which is Shirley to Charing Cross and the money I save on train fare.

The extra calories I will earned on my bike.

The not worrying about calories, just eating what I like.

Chinese tonight and knowing I will burn the calories off on my bike tomorrow going to work.

Catching up on all my fav blogs. JAG, Bitchcakes, Gym Ninja, and all the other people that keep me going.

Spending evening with hubby and the kids, time now is more precious now back to work full time.

All the nice people I am meeting though work.

The new things I am learning every day.

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  1. Wow you are keeping busy. Well done you :-)