Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Low day and how to cope

Very low day today.

TOTM today as well so not good, my back is hurting and so is my tummy. I normally would take a couple of pain killers but I know they are not allowed.

I am a strong person and know i wont give into a binge, but all the other factors do not help. I just hope I cant stay strong. Normally time of the month I would binge and secret eat and lie to myself and say its OK, how can you eat until you feel ill and want to be sick and that not effect you. At least now I am a lot more controlled. I know what I am eating and have the self control to say stop, which is a lot different from a few years ago.

Hopefully my clean eating and the elimination diet will help me and realise that food is not a comfort it is fuel for your body to keep it working. I dont need food at the wrong time of month I just need to take care of myself.

How do we all cope at the difficult times of the month. How do you all cope with food and comfort ?

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  1. Hello Lovely :) My tip for PMT binges is to have a big bowl of oats in the evening, I flavour mine with protein powder, it is great because it is stodgy and fills me up and takes away my sweet tooth :)