Saturday, 13 March 2010

I am back

After no laptop for 3 days, now back on line. My food has been quite good but was unable to do my on line diary so roughly know I have sort of stuck to calories, but not 100% sure. I did do a large workout on Friday which earner me nearly 1500 calories.

But being back on line I feel so much better. My battery on my food scale has gone today, so have to get a new battery tomorrow. Now back on track with recording my food.

I am suffering with TOTM so not feeling to good, it also feels worst because it has been delayed. On well only once a month so I will survive, but does really knock you side ways and normally I can control my chocolate cravings, but this time of month my hormones make it so much harder.

This weekend I have my two kids, Luke normally lives with his Dad, but as it is Mothers Day on Sunday its nice to have him with me, but omg it is madness the kids get on like a house on fire.We went the park today and had so much fun, so we all had a great day, both the kids are tired so they are off to bed now, bless them.

So as its mothers day and I have Luke I have taken the weekend off the gym. I really do miss it, but I know my session on Monday will be really good after all the rest my muscles have had.

What is everyone up to this weekend? How do you all deal with cravings?

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