Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Moods/scales & keeping motivated

Well today has been good.

Have been good with exercise and food.

Have a new training plan for my legs, but still a bit loss when training my legs. So must investigate further what exercises I can do. My legs are looking very slim. Have always liked my legs and I know once the warmer weather is out I will show them off with pride.

My tummy my problem area, but getting flatter each day. Have been told will be the last place to flatten, how comes it the first place us ladies put on the weight.

Have been eating every few hours, so no longer hungry and listen to my body and have my healthy treats so no more binging.

A bit out of sorts as worried about money, but for once I have not dealt with it with food. Eating is not going to solve my problems, it will just make things worst.

I have just been looking on WWW.weightlossresources.com and I have been reading the weigh in thread, people are so caught up on the scales and seeing the numbers going down, they dont seem to see the scales do not make you healthy or show how well and healthy you look.

I have read about people that weigh in each day, so they can control their weight and the way they are eating, this help them to keep motivated and keep to the diet.

I have to confess I have done the daily weigh in and the weekly weigh in, but it effected me so much before when I was trying to loss weight.So this time I wanted to change my eating to be healthy. No I don't want to diet, I want to eat clean allow myself some treats when I want to, not when the scales tell me too, I want to be in control and not the scales. The scales can effect your daily or weekly mood.

I weigh in once a month this helps me keep on track of how I am doing.

I have my goal dress hanging up so this is my motivation instead and looking at my lovely red dress does help my mood to, The red dress says you can do it and you will be wearing me soon.

If I can do it you all can. Little changes, will make all the difference.

Eat less, move more people, that is all you need.

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