Friday, 19 March 2010

Update for this week.

Just a quick update.

I have done my new plan all week and I have to say it has been really good, challenging is a understatement but I think it is just what I needed, to stop me getting bored.

Today i did Friday Legs and Saturdays Tricep ST, as I need rest day tomorrow as I am having lunch with my mother in law to be. I am doing the 3 mile sports relief run on Sunday, so I thought Saturday it would be best not to do to much.

If I am up early I might do the 30 day shred, I will see how I am feeling in the morning.

I will make sure I do my abs exercises as they are brilliant and can really feel them working, but this might be all the cardio too.

I heart Friday, what are you all doing this weekend.

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