Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Love a challenge

I am first to want to complete a challenge and I love the gym as it helps me complete my challenges, there is nothing better then success and I for one would like a success everyday.

Well today one of my challenges has been completed. Since starting back at the gym I have been training a lot and building up my fitness. By using weights, strength training and various different cardio.

Today was my rowing challenge. After reading various messages on I came across a few ladies saying about how far they row and a few of them said doing the 10k on the rower. At the time when reading this I was only just got up to 6k, so I thought ok next week I will do the 10k.
I am happy to say that I completed the 10k in 49.14 minutes a very good time for my first go.
So now I have a weekly challenge to beat my time every week.

What goals and challenges do you enjoy or complete ?


  1. Sounds like a good idea! I love challenges - they let the OCD control freak in me set goals and spreadsheets to get to those goals. =)

    Good luck on your challenge!

  2. Thank you.
    I have not done any spreadsheets, but that is a good idea. Now just do pledges. Have pledged to do 30 miles running for April and 10k each Friday and have to beat my time each week.

    Oh dear what have I done lol. :)