Sunday, 21 March 2010

What a great day.

Well done my sports relief 3 mile run. I beat my personal best and completed the run in 28 minutes. My personal best is 29 minutes, so really chuffed with that.

Me and hubby and Mia got to the event early. When we got there Wave D was starting their warm up and it was such a great atmosphere,babies, kids, teenagers and adults, people of all ages.

I was in Wave E, so my race was next. So i got to enjoy seeing Wave D start, watched them all run past me and took in some of the fancy dress, people were running walking, pushing buggies anavd some babies on shoulders.

Once the first lot went, we was hanging around for a little while. Then I walked to the front to the start and watched all the others runners for Wave E come down to the start line.
We also had a great warm up and some entertainment from Floorless from Britains got talent. They were great and had some great moves with the dancing they did. At this point I was made deaf but all the school girls who by the way dressed as Zombies. Their screams where mad, but lovely to hear them all so excited. Was so keen to just get going but had to wait for Floorless to finish.

Two minutes to go and the celebs, came to the front too, Tim Lovejoy, Louise Redknapp, Rufus Hound and a few dancers from the west end show not sure what show though.

Started the race well. had a great run and just as I was running a long I went past Eddie Izzard who was lovely and asked how I was doing.

So I have had a good day and ended up having a lovely meal after at Ask, only a salad, but was really filling and delicious.

Hope you all had a great day. :)

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