Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Planning and Goals.

Well the planning I am doing is my wedding for next year. We have a date we want and hopefully the reception location is sorted so going well so far. Once I have booked things I will start posting more details. Its long way off but I want to be organized for a change.

My goals are forever changing and they really do keep me on my toes. I am looking at the moment at really reducing the size on my waist and my back. They are areas that have some fat on and I really want to lean them out more. So just going to keep on training and hopefully the areas will lean out while the rest of me does too.

Food I am not being to strict on, but a lot of things I dont have, but I am having sugar and a little fizz drinks no where near the amount I use to have. So very pleased bad habits are not all back. I am staying in my calories and have lost 1lb this week, so nice and steady.

Hope everyone is well

Say hi when you drop by xxx


  1. Hi! Good to hear the plans are coming along - how exciting is that! :o) There was a good post on Dax's site somewhere about how you can't target areas for weight loss - you have to go with the flow and wait for it to happen as you get fitter. Well done on the weight loss - and be careful of those fizzy drinks - bad! :o)

  2. Hi Sue its is very exciting. Every thing seems to be going smoothly. I am starting to go with the flow and just keeping up with the training.

    Lol no not to much fizzy i know its bad, so tend to have water and oj mostly. How are you getting along. x