Thursday, 8 July 2010

Final results

Hi all,

Final sorted out final measurements really chuffed.

Starting weight 10. 10 NOW 10.2
Bust 36 NOW 34
Under bust 32. NOW 31
Waist 32 NOW 30
Hips 36 NOW 34
Arm 10.5 NOW 9.5
Top of leg 21.5 NOW 20.5
Calf 12 NOW 11.

Total loss of weight 8lbs and of 13 inches lost, how good is that in 30 days.

So happy and now a size 10 in most shops. whoop whoop.

Still no sign of camera, but will post pictures tomorrow. I have a couple of tortilla wraps as not had them in ages, as it was only two did not get bloated and I feel fine, they do not taste as good as I remember before so they will be a treat now and again, not something I will have in my normal diet.

I am doing a fast from 4.30 today, just to give my weight loss a boost and not doing a heavy workout so wont need to refuel. Have today had a nice swim and a dvd, felt very weird not doing any dax exercises and I kind of miss them, so looking forward to next week when I can do meltdown and dumbbell matrix as they are my faves.

How is everyone else getting on.


  1. Thirteen inches! My goodness that is fantastic - well done you! After all that sweat and tears it must seem very worthwhile to you now. Matrix is my favourite too! I'm saving it for later! :o) Well done. Thanks for your support and I hope you keep up the great work.
    Take care.

  2. So worth while Sue, I am keeping up with the programme, I want to look even better and I know this is the way to do it. Keep it up the good work so you have done fab. Take Care too. x