Monday, 5 July 2010

Day 28 MAP - Fast nearly done

Day 29 of MAP and I have nearly completed the fast, the hardest part is the last couple of hours.

Have started to get really hungry, have a nice low carbs meal of stuff peppers and salad. Also some cashew nuts for after.

Hope all my fellow mapper are getting on well too.

Last day tomorrow, but wont be stopping, just fitting the elimination diet to my life style.

Will introduce a new food but not sure which one yet. will have a think about it. What is everyone introducing first. What have you all missed the most.


  1. Well done on the fast! I'm going to continue too - and my first thing is going to be coffee I'm afraid I have missed it too much. I can't face another fruit tea! :o) Keep up the great work!

  2. I miss my sweetie. jelly sweets and some really nice organic chocolate. Coffee does not bother me anymore but be nice to go out for one now and again. Keep up the good work too. xx

  3. Well done you seem to be doing so well x i used ot miss tea the most but now am hooked on rooibos so just a splash of organic skimmed milk in that will be added, a piece of dark choocie every now and then for a treat x