Sunday, 11 July 2010

Feel so rough - confession time. lol.

Hello all,

I am feeling very rough today and fell off the wagon yesterday with a big bump.

Right confession time here goes,

Alcohol - loads including shots, wine, champagne
4 wraps with the works TGI e
4 cocktails cream ones
portion of onion rings
Exercise - Dancing.

Was a great night and the bride to be loved it.

Today is a fast as I feel so rough and I thought it help detox lol. No exercise today as feel to rough. did not log any calories on wlr, and not even going to think about trying to add it up.

So from today I am well and truly back on the wagon.

How is everyone doing after map.


  1. Ohoho, that doesn't sound good! But then what would a party be, if you couldn't enjoy some drinks and nice foods.... it will happen to all of us at some time. Life would be very boring indeed, if we were perfect and good all the time.
    I suppose some extra exercising is required? A couple of shots of meltdown maybe???

  2. I have decided to stay ED as I gained some back when I went off in Jan. I would just count that night as my 20% off for the month, lol :) Sounds like you had fun! And I am fasting as well today, so know you are not alone.

  3. Leoni rest day today, i have been training every day so thought i have a rest, think meltdown would not help my head at all. Was a great party, i only go out once a month and never drink at home. x
    Robins lol. I am doing ed 80% of the time, I thought i give myself a couple of days off. Fast lasted to 3 so not bad, each fast is easier, so nice I am not alone, do the fasts work for you.x

  4. Sounds pefectly normal to me.... :o)

    Poor thing - I hope the head is feeling better!

  5. Yes they do help! Though I am struggling to not eat today. Being home with everyone, (5 kids & Hubby) who are just munching all day is not helping, plus it is raining today which doesn't help either.

  6. Hi Christine, so we can follow our progress through reboot as well. I realised on thursday that going it alone and redoing map was going to be just too much of a challenge. Still need the support, and seems nice to try out new exercises. And staying in ED mode. Might just be naughty this weekend and eat a few forbidden fruits....? Stuff myself with chocolate and cakes and wine...? Well, probably not, but the thought is tempting...