Thursday, 1 July 2010

MAP DAY 23-24 only 6 days left

Hope everyone is well.

Elimination diet still going strong, loving the food, loads of salads due to the hot weather. My hubby tried a salad I made the other day and he said was best salad he had ever had. I have cut down on nuts and seeds, as they are high in calories, so i am finding my calories go alot further now.

Yesterday all exercise session were done and I got a lot of praised from a few people at the gym who have been watching me. One lovely lady said she was speaking to her sister about me and how well i have done with losing weight and getting lean. I was so chuffed. She asked me for some tips and she said she had be doing all the exercises and getting no results, I just said I thought her weight looked far to easy and told her dax 2 part sit ups which she really struggled with so just showed her how to improve her form. She was also doing cardio before weil ghts, so I said to do hiits after she had done her weights. She was really gratefull and said I would catch up with her soon when next in gym to see how she getting on.

Today I have done all exercises apart from ICP. Which I am getting really quick at apart from the russian twists, every time I do a twist I hear my back clicking, not sure why.

Have a good day all. xx

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