Monday, 5 July 2010

Day 28 MAP - Two days to go - Going to have a fast day.

Morning all,

For the first time in 28 days I am feeling very blotted and feel like I have eaten to much, even sticking to elimination diet, but maybe just to much food, so from 8-9 o clock last night I am going to fast. I think this will be my 3 or maybe 4 time of fasting so going to give it ago.

If anyone has any tips or advice on fasting please let me know, I know it is not normally to hard once you loaded up on carbs the day before.

I know before I just had to keep myself busy and Monday is always a busy day, I am going to drink plenty of water and get some new herbal teas to try out. Then tonight will have a low carb meal.

Today I have done power circuit and I got up to 70 of each set and then 40 of the last set I was so chuffed. I did feel like I had a power serge after my legs were shaking.

Back to the gym today so going to do body weights and dumbbell matrix I always seem to do them together and then a nice run on the treadmill.

Once map is finished I am going to have one rest day and then try to fit in all the workouts the rest of the days and maybe find some different forms of exercise and just shake it up a bit.

Today looks like another lovely day so happy Monday all.

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  1. Happy Monday! How did that fast go? I must admit that I find it "easy" once you know you are not eating anything - it's better than trying to figure out what you will/won't eat! For me the key was plenty of drinks - I got through a whole variety of fruit teas!

    I hope it went well for you.