Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Day 30 - The final day.

Cant believe it is the final day. I am going to do my final measurements and weight tomorrow as I am bloated today after dinner late last night.

I want to say well done to everyone who did the 30 Days MAP. Cant believe workout for 30 days straight and at least 3 to 4 times minimum. I know I have really enjoyed it.

I am going to have a rest day tomorrow as I am getting my hair done so I wont get to the gym, but I am sure I will do a couple of circuits or a dvd as it has come apart of my day now and I really do get a good buzz when I work out.

I am going to stick to the elimination diet but going to do it for 90% of the time with a few treats but not to many as I know sugar goes straight to my stomach.

Will update later. Have to go now.

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  1. Hia! It's gone quickly hasn't it - I can't quite believe that we have done this for a whole 30 days. I'm pleased you are getting a treat at the end, and look forward to reading the results! Well done, and thanks for all your support along the way.