Monday, 19 July 2010

Super Skinny jeans - each step closer

I tried my super skinny jeans on today and even with bloating from totm they fitted, I had room in the waist band at the back, but the side there was muffin top, so not a good look. The jeans did up and buttoned up. What was nice the legs fitted even nicer then last time. It was about a month ago that I tried them on last and last time I could not even do the button up. So next month I will be wearing my super skinny jeans with pride.

I set myself this goal and to be 5 pounds light in a months time. I find my goals really help me stay on track. To keep me focus. The super skinny jeans are my favorite item from when I lost weight last time and I know when they fit well with no muffin top then I am at goal.So close to goal and all my hard work is paying off.

what do you all do to stay on track and what goals do you set yourself to help you keep going. What item of clothing would you love to get into again.


  1. I'd love to wear a bikini just once - but too squidgy round the middle at the moment

  2. I set mini goals - never more than 4 weeks away, and mostly just one week at a time. Small steps and all that. I'd love to get into a work suit I bought last time I was at my goal weight. I only wore it once and then gave up smoking... The rest is history, but I'd love to be a non-smoking in that suit! :o)