Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sunday - No calorie counting day

Have decided on Sundays I wont calorie count I will just try to be sensible. I know roughly how many calories I am having and just not stressing if I go over or under.
Sunday is my exercise rest day too, so it made sense not to calorie count too, well going to give it a go and see how it effects my weight loss each week.

I have been doing the new 7 week challenge on WLR, I have been sticking to the challenge I have set myself, so all going well. I only have 5 more of the pounds I want to lose until I get to my next goal. I am set to lose 1 pound a week for the next five weeks, so not to bad.

Time of the month is coming up so I wont weigh in tomorrow, I will do my measurements and see how I am doing from them. I know all my size 12 clothes are too big and now a 10 in most things.

I now know what I have to do to keep the weight off and to lose slowly the last few pounds.

I am looking forward to Monday as I am back to the weights, gym and my 30 day shred, sad I know I did miss working out today, but I did have fun running around with the kids.

What do you all do on your rest days and what do you miss on rest days.


  1. I must admit I miss doing exercise on my rest days - be that weights or body weight or running. I usually get something in each day and feel a bit "weird" if I don't! Especially after MAP and exercise 4 times a day - quite forgotten what "rest" is! :O)

  2. It is so weird Sue, its like Dax has brain washed us in to doing more exercise and now I feel really weird having rest days. lol. How are you doing :)

  3. I'm doing great thanks - getting there as they say!