Saturday, 10 July 2010

Gym Bunny or Gym Rat

Saw this on WLR so thought I would post it as its funny.

POLL: gym bunny or gym rat (also in Runners)
Score 5 or more to find what you are

GB: Fully made up
GR: Bit of mascara, maybe

GB: Only just breaks into a sweat
GR: Wants to die on the cross trainer

GB: Won't go to gym unless perfectly brand/colour coordinated from head to toe
GR: Would wear flipflops and a wet suit if necessary

GB: Smells lovely
GR: Smells like *****

GB: Can't pass a mirror without checking out own arse
GR: Only looks in mirror to check technique

GB: Ponytail tied high up so it flops from side to side when on the treadmill
GR: Hair matted with sweat

GB: La Senza cherry red balcony bra
GR: Industrial strength sports bra

GB: Buys designer water in a willy shaped bottle with a 'kiss' of fruit from gym machine at £1.50 a pop
GR: 3 week old 2 litre Evian bottle refilled from gym changing room tap

GB: Doesn't move on to next set until girlfriend has finished hers
GR: If I want to talk I'll go to the pub

GB: In and out in 40 mins
GR: Only goes home because staff have turned the lights off

Let me know which one you are, I am defo a rat lol


  1. If I WERE going to the gym, I would be a gym rat! Definitely

  2. I'm a definite rat - one with a big red face too :O)

  3. That's funny, and I am so a rat... Yet I still try to be in and out in under an hour! :-)

  4. LOL @ "Industrial strength sports bra"! <- That's me! :o) I'm a true rat, through and through! :o)

  5. Enjoyed the quiz, I find I am both, maybe more so one then the other, pending on my day.