Friday, 9 July 2010

No stopping me now - New Challenge

As you all know I like a good challenge. Three really nice guys on wlr have started up a new challenge and I have jumped on the wagon today. The challenge is for 7 weeks and there are no rules, but you set your own goals.

Mine are the following and probably add extra ones for each few weeks to keep me on my toes.

Train at least twice a day with one rest day per week.
Limit treats to a small one each day only 100-150 for treat.
Try new foods,
Lose the last stone in seven weeks,
Eat as many exercise calories as I can.
Elimination diet at least 80% of the time.

Simple but effective ways for me to get rid of the last stone. I am working at it at the rate of half stone at a time, so two mini goals. The new challenge starts Monday, as I am allowing a few treats and my friends hen night tomorrow, which I think will be rather messy. LOL

Today was a good day, I have fasted from 4.30 yesterday until 3.30 today and it was the easiest fast I have done. I only gave up because was so hot to me and my daughter had a ice lolly. I had a twister and Mia had a cornetto, which we both really enjoyed. Mia had a white dress on which did not stay white for long. Her face was covered in chocolate, but they say a messy child is a happy child.

I have been relaxed this evening, had a lovely chicken and egg salad and some chocolate for afters, I can now have some chocolate and not go mad, I still have some more in the fridge and its not calling my name.

Well Sunday will be a test specially if I am hangover, but I think I be able handle it a lot better then I use too.

Have a good weekend all. :@)

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