Saturday, 19 June 2010

Day 13 - I have been numbering my days wrong lol

So today is day 13 and nearly half way there.

Feeling good today, yesterday was a tough day but done now, so draw a line under it and on with today.

Todays exercise is

Meltdown - ICP - DB Matrix followed by 30 day shred, as no time to go to the gym.

Will go outside for a run tomorrow if the weather is nice.

I have started a new job yesterday and I am doing the training of the sales position, so finding time to fit in the exercises is a new challenge, but really nice being busy. Also less time to pick. As i some time do that when I am bored.

Have a good day all

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  1. Congratulations on the new job - I hope it goes well for you. Good to hear you're feeling better today - as you say - nearly half way now - and carbs tomorrow! :o) Well done and keep up the great work.