Sunday, 13 June 2010

Day 7 of MAP Plan - with Dax I survived the bbq

Hello all its Sunday

Day 7 of the MAP Plan at Dax Moy, I survived the bbq and think only thing that was not Dax friendly was one cocktail I had and a little potato salad, I am not going to worry as I am up bright and early back on plan.

I have just tried the new exercise Dax has introduced and not a bad time 17.30 minutes, in the instructions it said don't go over 20 minutes, so not a bad first attempt.

I leave about 2 hours between sessions as I feel I get the maximum benefit.

I felt really good yesterday and hubby took some full size pics of me and I must say I am starting to get a nice shape in clothes would like my waist to nip in a bit more as i do look straight up and down, but a nice belt can sort that out some times. At least I did not cry or get upset when looking at the pictures like I normally do.

I am sure Dax workouts will have me in tip top condition one I done the 30 days. Is anyone on the plan thinking about once they have completed the plan, or is that just me.

Have a good day all, pop by say hello.

If you have a good joke or poem please add it as comment and the best one will be posted Monday and a little prize could be yours. :)

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