Friday, 11 June 2010

Day 5 of MAP Plan with Dax

OMG up when my alarm went off, no moaning was tired was straight up and done the killer
MD, but today it did not kill and I was able to count all the rep and control breathing, I think I did two extra sets to each round, so that means about 50 extra reps, on my I am so much fitter since Monday, In 5 days that make me feel awesome.

I had a sneaky pic at measurements and it is saying half an inch off, but will post my measurements on Monday. I am so excited about this plan, I have so much energy, and really does make you feel great. I am a lot warm to, I think that must be the fat burning.

I have had some lovely comments on my blog and would like to say thank you. Even the main man Dax has commented I know how busy he is so, thank you Dax.

Food is great no problems, have noticed my fat content is high, but as it is all clean I am not bothered. My lovely hubby tony had a cake yesterday and it really did not bother me at all.
So that is big progress too.

Have a great day people. Drop by and say Hi and hope you all have a great Friday.

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  1. Ooo - a comment by THE man himself - lucky you! :o) You are doing great - keep up the good work!