Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Day 1 & 2 of MAP Plan with Dax

I am so enjoying it, the food is lovely, so use to the diet of the Elimination now, so just feel like normal eating, already feel less tired and blotted. Also my stomach is flatter after the weekend I had its a bonus. The weekend was all drinking and junk food so nice to be back to normal.

I must say the the 4 workout session are a killer and trying to find the right balance of time in between too I think will be the key.

As I only have to do 4 session of 15-20 minutes are thought be easy, but the rest inbetween the sessions means it is not easy. I when mad on the treadmill for 15-18 mins at speed 8.30 and then I was really feeling it two hours later when I did the meltdown. We have to exercise every day for 30 days so that will be intense too.

I love exercise so on a roll, wish me luck for my circuit training later.

Have a good day people. To my follow buddy on MAP may the force be with you.


  1. I found the workouts super deceptive too. I mean WOW i hurt this morning.

    I totally agree with the food thing, i've always ate pretty cleanly but i signed up for this because stress's of RL had caused it to slip and i needed a kick up the rear, day 2 and i feel so much better already!


  2. PLEASE don't take offense at my next comment.
    I read your blog about loving to workout and eating right, blah, blah. I would always get jealous at people like you.

    Then I realized. "Stupid! She's thin and in shape BECAUSE she actually eats right and moves her arse!"

    I will get to the day of enjoying my workouts, eating healthy and all that. You are someone I aspire to be. Thanks.
    Amy Jo

  3. leiela its lovely to start feeling great.

    Amy Jo no offense taken. I have not always been in shape and wow to be called thin is a lovely compliment really made me smile. I will keep going until I am happy. I work hard every day, I aspire to be the best I can and that really does make me move my arse. lol.

    Have a great day ladies. :)

  4. Cor, did I ache first thing! Not finding the food thing hard yet, eating lots of nice goodies!

    Enjoy your evening!