Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Day 10 of Map still going strong -

Well just finished the lovely MD and sweated as much as ever.

Today plan for fitness is Meltdown follow by power circuit which is like a fast pace yoga and then ICP which is a circuit base training. On the last plan Dax gave us it said training for days 7-11. So tomorrow will be another change in exercise to get the metabolism going even more and to stop the body getting use to the exercises. I am still enjoying the exercises but finding I get a lot of pain in the evening in my arms and shoulders. Thank god this pain is gone in the morning and I am up before my alarm ready to go. I am shocked how much energy i have got and how all the four session seem to fall in to plan each day. As it is only 15-20 minutes max it does not seem a chore, I am even exercising late and in the evenings which I normally struggle with.

Food is fine no problems, I got a large selection of chicken in tescos as it was only £3.00 what a bargain. I had lovely chicken with a few spices and a whole pepper stuffed with aubergine, onion and mushroom which was fried in butter was delicious.I am looking forward to some porridge today and a little potato with dinner, as it is the carb day today. I have found carb cycling fine but a little challenging thinking about what to eat. Any fellow MAPPER any tips or recipes would be great, drop me a comment too.


  1. Hia! I'm afraid I'm stuck for recipes on non-carb days too. I'm now falling back on the old "meat/ and veg/sald" routine, which is fine, but it just doesn't hit the mark does it? Ho Hum - one third of the way through now though! Keep up the great work.

  2. Look up some recipes in your cook books and see if you can adapt them to low carb - most you can xx

  3. Thanks ladies, i will do that, I do have Dax book will have a nose though that. How you all doing. x