Thursday, 10 June 2010

The beginning of DAY 4 Map & yesterday

Well yesterday when really well, managed to get in all the exercise, which at the time very challenging and then a little after starting to ache between sets,so each session does get harder.
Working out 4 times a day is stopping me thinking about food so much, instead thinking about how will I cope with next lot of exercise, so my mind is very active.

Food was fine no problems, but at home and when i am in control of the food I am fine, I know what I can and cant have and I know how much better I feel on a clean diet.

Its when I am not in control, we are going to a bbq on saturday, where there will be loads of food and alcohol, so that will be a challenge, I am making sure i have a large bottle of water and some slice lemon and limes to drink and taking plenty of chicken and a large mixed salad and my normal snack of seeds and nuts.

I have been calorie counting while I am on the plan and find I am no where near to eating my whole daily allowance, which is good even with all the nuts. Is anyone else calorie counting or just sticking to elimination diet.

Today is day 4, woke up very achy could feel every muscle in my body and thought I would give Dax warm up a go, it is brillant and got all the knots out too, pure bliss.

Next I did killer MD and omg I so sweat so much was like a tap, Next session I am going to do my 30 day shred, which be a nice change from the gym.

Have a good day people, say hi if your passing and please check out Dax Moy brilliant gym I can really say it has helped me so much and the guys there can really help you.


  1. Well done you sound slike your doing fab!!

  2. Wow you are doing brilliantly! Very well done. I'm struggling to fit in all the exercise too! Keep up the good work! I wish I looked like that picture - one day?! :o)

  3. Thank you chocolate. How you getting on ? x

    Aw Sue thank you so much for lovely compliment, I am sure you will get there. X

  4. Well done Christine... excellent work so far!