Sunday, 20 June 2010

Day 14 of MAP. - Its Sunday. Fathers Day

Food was really good yesterday and no probs with ED or the wave. Making sure dont pick to much on nuts and seeds. So having things like carrot sticks and celery instead.

Today is carb day, which is nice to have my porridge for breakfast, really do miss it, because its the one breakfast that really fills me up until lunch time. When I have eats normally have to have a snack about 11ish.

Today up a bit later, nice to have a lay in. So will be exercising later, yesterday I did my last workout at 9.30 just before bed and I slept like a log, lol.

Today work out are 30 day shred, POWER Circuit - Pyramid - Meltdown, so not a bad day at all. Fitting in the exercises every two hours or so is not a problem. I now have no soreness just bruised knees really need a floor map.

Hope everyone is doing well, have a good weekend.

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