Sunday, 27 June 2010

Day 18 - 20 - Mojo is back it was hiding in the gym lol.

Hi ya all,

Mojo was hiding in the gym, got it back well and truly.

Food has not been as good, but just going to work on sticking to Elimination Diet each day, not sure about the fast with all the training. Low carbs do not really suit me, but I know how to portion control my carbs and I know I dont go over board, so that is good.

Today I have done my cardio, also done dumbbell matrix 3 rounds and power circuit, my order is all messed I am getting the workout session in. Body weights in the new set and for once I am struggling but getting the form better each time. Body weights is the new killer, which melt
down was and now I really like meltdown. So soon be saying the same about body weights too.

Today I had a lovely 30 minutes swim and I was very pleased as my speed is getting better and my form is really good on my front crawl. Must be all the training every day, cant believe I have trained every day for 20 days. I feel that I no longer need rest days as my body has adapted so well to the four session each day.

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  1. Hia! Great to hear you sound so positive! Four training sessions a ay is hard going - but it sounds like you are used to it now - which is great! Keep up the great work!