Saturday, 12 June 2010

Day 6 of MAP Plan - rest for the wicked with Dax

Morning all,

MD done this morning and it was not so bad. Today I was up even earlier and my first session of MD was completed by 6.20, and I was not dying, so that is such an improvement to day 1 one Monday.

So now I have three more session to get done by 2-3pm this afternoon as we are going to a bbq at a friends for England world cup game, come on England. I have plan ahead and my hubby is doing a lovely special rice, which taste awesome and is completely elimination friendly. There will be alcohol and I have a plans in action for that too.

Yesterday I got all 4 session in for the fitness and i also did a extra set for personal circuit so today i will add a 5 round to the circuit. Which is big progress here as Day 1 only did the assessement and 1 round.

As i said before all the exercises are challenging but it nice to focus on fitting them all in and getting them right rather then worry about what to eat next.

Food is great no problems, I am eating super clean and elimination friendly. If you have any question on the diet feel free to ask.

Only thing I am getting bored of water, so any ideas would be great and I must go out and get some herbal teas, as I know they do the trick.

Have a good weekend all and everyone on MAP have a great day 6 :)


  1. For something different to drink try the Twinings Herbal tea multipacks, they do about 3 different ones and they each contain 5 teabags of 5 different flavours so you can try them without commiting to 25 bags you might hate. I'm working through Fresh & Fruity and A Moment of Calm and so far only have one I couldn't finish.

    Enjoy the BBQ!

  2. Thank you Clair, great wlil try them, How are you getting on. :)