Monday, 14 June 2010

Day 8 of MAP - Well chuffed with new measurements

Its Monday, feeling good today, yesterday was day 1 of carb cycling, but because done it before I noticed was not to bad. Exercises all went to plan and really enjoyed the new pyramid, so hope to beat my time today.

New measurements after week 1

Starting weight 10. 10 - have not done weigh yet.
Bust 36 - 35.5 so minus half inch
Under bust 32. - 31.5 - minus half a inch
Waist 32 - 31.5 minus half a inch
Hips 36 - 35.5 minus half a inch
Arm 10.5 - 10 - minus half a inch
Top of leg 21.5 - 21 - minus half a inch
Calf 12 - 11.5 minus half a inch

So a total of 3.5 half inches after one week.

Really pleased as this is one side, so if I count both be 7 inches. My stomach is flatter and all my muscles feel tighter and I feel nice an lean.

Check the guys at Dax out.


  1. wow grats sounds like you are doing well :)

  2. Thank you, hope your both doing well too. x

  3. WoW - well done you - excellent results!