Friday, 25 June 2010

Day 17-Day18 - MAP - where has my mojo gone

Hi All,

Day 17 done and dusted, all exercises done and 30 day shred, could really feel the burn on all session.

Food was good, was carbs but not to high carbs did not go over bored.

Today is a really struggle still not done any exercise and I really dont want too, I dont know why I normal love doing all the exercises but today its the last thing I want to do.

I will do them later and if i can get to the gym quickly today for a run on treadmill, I wonder if my mojo is waiting at the gym for me.

Last time i had food was last night about 9ish and then today without thinking had a banana did not realise it was fast starting today, so will cut food down today and do the fast next time.

Dont really like fasting but will give it a shot next time, need to prepare myself properly and read up on the benefits.

Today is new exercises today and will report on them tomorrow.


  1. Hia! When you find your mojo - can you see if mine's there too? :o) You seem to be doing really well - I hope it is paying off for you. Take care.

  2. Ditto on the mojo front! I'm sure it's the low carb days. I have no cravings on the ED days but a huge desire to binge on low carbs. Exercise with a weary body and no fuel isn't fun, so not appealing. Dragging myself off to do my last exercise session now, but hope fasting will actually be easier (start that tomorrow - too late today).
    Couldn't post as me - don't know why! Deb