Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Day 9 of MAP - I have lost 3lbs this week.

Was so chuffed yesterday and was feeling lighter so I decided to weigh in at the gym, I am so pleased to have lost 3lbs bringing my weight down to 10.7, I am 5 pounds away from my first target i have set myself. I have been stuck at 10.10 for a couple of weeks so nice to see the scales changing.

I posted yesterday on WLR about my loss and added a new picture and received some lovely comments which made my day too. So nice to receive compliments because I feel I am my hardest judge. Always finding things you want to change rather then looking at how well you have done so far.

So thank you all to help me step back and see the progress I have made, I am even more motivated to get to my next target of 9.2, I can even picture myself and see how good I would feel.

But my biggest WHY is I am doing it for me and I think that is the most important thing dont do it
for anyone else, not children, partner, family, friends, or special occasion, if you want it 100% percent for you then there is only you stopping you reaching your goal.

Have a good day all. Hope everyone is doing well. x


  1. hey hunny,

    You sound like you are doing really, well done you *clap* well how are you finding the workouts?

  2. Hey hun.

    Thank you so much, I am finding them harder now then the start but I am a sucker for the punishment lol. How you doing. xx